Evolution is Beautiful!




People who has figured it out all… are they even real??

We don’t know what our lives are gonna get after few years, in my case after few days. I am always at the verge of change. Life is too short. There are too many things i want to try and explore. Too many challenges I need to overcome. My life is not simple neither am I. But whose is?

Few months back, I felt as if I had lost the track and couldn’t make any sense of anything. But I tried to look for directions anyways, because giving up was never an option. God never let me do it, so how could I have done that to myself.. If i have been able to survive so far, then I sure can overcome more, than i can ever imagine. We never get what we want handed on a plate, but baby steps eventually helps us through. I may have been late, but I’m so glad i didn’t let myself keep standing where I started my journey from.




It’s amazing how time can contribute so much in our evolution. I am walking on a road where every now and then people throw stones at me and try to cut away my wings. But how could I stop…

When I exactly know that this is the only way out. The only path that could take me to the very place where I might meet myself one day!

I am the girl…



I am the girl who is smart, beautiful, intelligent. I am also the girl who is lazy, ugly and dumb as hell.

I am the girl who thinks she’s not good enough. I am also the girl who thinks she’s perfect the way she is.

I am the world’s most sensitive girl. I am also the girl who cease to feel anything at times.

I am the girl who thinks she is not capable enough. I am also the girl who believes she is born to do great things.

I am the girl, who couldn’t value her worth. I am also the girl who respects herself enough to walk away from anything that makes her feel any less of her.aesthetic-alone-alternative-boho-Favim.com-3493376

I am the girl who has been strong for a long long time. I am also the girl who has lost it every other second.

I am the girl whom people has hurt and discouraged drizzilion times. I am also the girl who didn’t gave up and stoop up every time.

I am the girl who is in love with the idea of love. I am also the girl who hates the idea of getting attached to anything possible.

I am the girl who believes strongly in her happily ever after. I am also the girl who’s scared to death she might end up having nothing at all.

I am the girl who can starve for days in a row. I am also the girl who couldn’t stop eating all day.

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Looking For Answers ?!


Things find its way.. Does it?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we are not sure what we we’re doing.. where we’re going. The only thing we think right is moving with the flow. What we want, what we don’t want.. what we’re gonna do, what we would never even consider doing.. questions, questions .. so many questions!!
Do we wait for answers to appear on its own or do we start looking for them in places we never looked before..?

Looking for answers!

Its all about the doors you opened and the ones you didn’t

Its all about the doors you opened and the ones you didn’t

Every thought we have, every decision we make shapes up how our lives are gonna get. It’s up to us to either linger somewhere stagnant and deadly or move to someplace vigorous and flourishing.

“The doors we open and close each day decides the lives we live.” – Flora Whittemore


Anything that affects you has a control over you, it could either be a thing, a person, an opportunity or a situation you’re dealing with etc. As they say, the things you allow are the things that will continue.. It’s basically you, who give them/it the permission to either flourish you or destroy you. So if anything bad happens to you, its nobody’s but your fault, because it was you who practically handed them with the axe to hit you. Thus don’t be naive, learn from the mistakes; not only from the ones you make but also from the others’.


Picking up from the experience I have realized that there’s no situation in the world that we can’t solve by ourselves. If one door closes to us, then may be its for the best and there is always, always an another door that’s has been awaiting for us to walk through. We’re never completely trapped, it can’t be, it’s just a temporary state of mind.

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Live with Purpose

Live with Purpose

Everyday, we’re given a chance by God to live a better today than yesterday and create an better and beautiful tomorrow than today. Yes, past gave us a lot to ponder upon, but if its named as past, then its called it for a reason right?

You only live once, i used to say… but no that’s wrong, you live everyday, you die only once!!

Live with a purpose then; create short term goals, say weekly or monthly, and work hard each day of it to achieve those goals, you might not get it on your first shot, might not on your second shot too, but eventually on some day, in some part of the week of some month, you’ll finally make it happen. But just don’t give up, it’s not an option anymore, because if you gave up today, it’ll haunt you forever, and you’ll end up doubting yourself for the rest of your life.


Food for Soul ⛅


Nature is the answer to everything. When in doubt, seek nature. ☉🍃

Nourish your souls with the positive vibes. Good Morning 🌝

Common mistakes in Ramadan




Some of the common mistakes we need to watch out in the holy month of Ramadan:

1. Drinking “rooh afza” on a daily basis🍹

– Why: It contains high amounts of sugar, additives and colarants
– Solution: If you have to, drink ittwice a week maximum

2. Drinking large amounts of water at iftaar time

– Why: Filling the stomach with water is more strenuous to it than with food.
– Solution: have a few sips at iftaar then a glass after every two hours.

3. Exercising directly after iftaar.

– Why: the body’s blood flow is concentrated around the stomach at that time.
– Solution: Exercise after two hours of eating to ease digestion.

4. Chewing and swallowing food fast.

– Why: chewing food slowly can speed up digestion and help maintain your weight

5. Having dessert directly after iftaar

– Why: they make you drowsy and sleepy 😴
– Solution: leave at least a two hour gap between iftaar and dessert to stay fresh and awake for ishaa and taraweeh prayers

6. Consuming foods with high amounts of sodium

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“And falling’s just another way to fly.” ― Emilie Autumn

“And falling’s just another way to fly.” ― Emilie Autumn

“Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you’re worthy of the trip.”
― Glenn Beck, The Christmas Sweater


When life hits you hard, leaving you in no position to take stand or even think straight..

When life tells you that you have been doing it all wrong the whole time..

When life manifests you that its not free of cost, you took it for granted and now its time that you make efforts to earn it..!

When you have been tormented in every possible human way, losing the right path over and over and over again..

When things become all cloudy and gloomy and you can’t seem to breathe, see or feel anything..

When you loose confidence in your own self, devalue your own existence, question every inch of your dignity, put yourself at the least of your priorities..

When the darkest of dark hits your soul, when the deepest of pains are felt in the core of your heart..08753716623fbd12566bad26e0298068

It’s then, in that very moment, that you start to realize what you have been missing out all along. The eye opening phase occurs, because you lost or were about to loose everything including yourself. Its often said that we don’t understand the value of something unless its about to be taken away from us or when we already have lost it. The damage makes us realize the wrongs and mistakes we did and which took us to the end side of the hill. Read the rest of this entry

Nobody’s princess anymore…


When you left, my life turned upside down, as if you took away all the good things from my life. Life is always beautiful from the outside, like a twinkling star; giving out beauty to the outer world but burning from deep inside.




It is often said that happy moments help you endure the hardships of life, but sometimes it does the opposite. Sometimes it makes the bitterness of life even more stinging, bringing with it all the feelings you went through earlier at that time and turning into a reminder that you can’t live that part ever ever again.

The emptiness in my life is a constant reminder that you left!

The girl who grew up as a princess, misses her king. She misses being pampered, spoiled, loved, and prioritized always. She misses enjoying the privilege of favoritism. She misses her father!

Small gestures, big impact

Small gestures, big impact

We can never know what other people are going through. The terror, sadness, anger, grief, pain and many other emotions are masked perfectly behind the smiles they carry everyday around the ones they know and those that they don’t. How can we begin to imagine the kinds of lives everyone is living in, everybody has got its own hell to suffer. Its not perfect for anyone.

Since everybody is miserable in one or another way, wouldn’t it be nice to share some love? spread happiness, share smiles? lower the burden of sadness from the shoulders of others for at least a couple of minutes? Well it will never cease to amaze you how wonderful it feels when a smile on a stranger’s face shows up just because of a small gesture of kindness made from your side.


A single click brought so much joy on this little fella’s face

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Aftershocks of calamities : Eating disorders?

Aftershocks of calamities : Eating disorders?

During times of crisis, we often react differently. Things we really don’t care about affecting us at that time, creates a huge difference in our lives. Continuous episodes of worry and lonesome often occurs and leads to anxiety, stress, depression and in some cases eating disorders.

Eating disorders have become one of the serious concerns in most of the countries. Most of the people suffering from it doesn’t even comprehend that this issue needs to be addressed on a very serious note. Eating disorders like Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, Binge eating disorder, and OSFED etc. happens then and without even realizing it, there we are, captured by something really stupid and lethal.

Some features of eating disorders

Anorexia nervosa

  • Distorted body image and obsessive fear of gaining weight.
  • Extremely limited food intake and/ or increased levels of exercise.
  • Can lead to a dangerously low body weight, malnutrition and starvation.

Bulimia nervosa

  • Often starts with dieting to lose weight.
  • Binge eating followed by vomiting, fasting, overexercising, or using laxatives/diuretics as a means of purging.
  • The binge/purge/exercise cycle can become increasingly compulsive and uncontrollable over time.

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I opened two gifts this morning. They were my eyes.

I opened two gifts this morning. They were my eyes.

We never realize what we have until the very thing is taken away from us. If we look around, everything we see, feel, smell, sense, touch are parts of the blessings in our lives. I have had never thought that these little things could be of so much worth, in fact i never even gave them a single thought until last year.

Last year changed many things in my life, i became more grateful but learning this lesson cost me way too much, I almost lost track on my way to sanity.


When Allah grant us without counting, we often forget to value those things which people in other parts of the world are struggling for survival. I have had a medical condition last year, it was scary and required a lot of patience on my part, but of course i have never been good at it. Everything was locked on the outside and it appeared as if i have had to live in some other part of the world for a seemingly quite a long period of time.

Life became difficult, while wanting to become more independent, things flipped over and instead i have had to depend even more on others. For some people this treatment was not that big of a deal, I envied those who recovered much earlier, even faster than expected, but it took me a while to come back to my senses again and resume my daily routine. Although it looked like everything is burned in my former world when i came back to life, i still had life that i thought. i think that’s enough. We can always start over right?

Everything happens for the best.

My eyes and I have been best friends ever since. Having an eye operate, waking up with the fear everyday if it worked or not, will it work or not?, if i’ll get through it, if i am even strong enough to survive, and even after following all the precautionary acts and still feeling sick, just took all of my attention. Read the rest of this entry

Things will find its way…eventually!

Things will find its way…eventually!

Life has been showing me various kinds of colours, some of which are pretty cool, b7fb413b0139d1df776aa56cbb392704refreshing and attractive; making me see the world differently; captivating me in its charm, luring & bewitching me to every kind of possibility out there, but ironically on the other hand its doing exactly the opposite. With beauty and glamour also came the darkest
of all, the elements of horror and misery. It made me shiver, scared, confused, tired and anxious. I happened to see the facets of life where there is no array of light, no pats of comfort on my back, no sign of peace anywhere close, no traces of hope but instead only a dark tunnel which seems to trap me so ruggedly that no matter how much i try, i just cant’t get rid of it.

Bliss comes only after so many challenges.


Have i lost myself? or have i found myself even better? Is it for the betterment or is it some kind of life lessons that i need to be taught? happened to be the questions that i ask myself everyday, every single day. There has been a tremendous amount of confusion of what should be and what should not. I wonder why.. When did life become so confusing? Now this is called complicated! Read the rest of this entry

Experience of the day – Food diaries <3 =D

Experience of the day – Food diaries <3 =D

With every passing day food is turning into the epic love of my life, its like it is chasing me everywhere i go and deserts….am just smitten by you, everywhere i go, i need you to be beside me, sounds totally obese..weird me. Its always seen that love comes with a price; well mine comes with lots of calories which i usually forget to burn. Scary…..too much. If there is any way i could have it both ways…sigh..phftt11130112_356727664524302_427525957079633966_n

It was just another beautiful day when i happened to cross by some beautiful looking delicious bae. It was covered with strawberries, the yummmiest cream ever held together with the beautiful pieces of edible Italian sticks. Along with it came the ever killing chocolate pie and the banana and chocolate pudding, with the chocolate mixed so finely and artistically melting right in my mouth and sending me to some fantasy happy world……yeah deserts do that thing to me =D


Its very hard with people to go along, since in today’s world things are loved by while people are being used but the case with the food turns out to be totally different..as it proves to be the best pal ever. When i saw the mini pot pies, we became good friends already and am gonna have a fixed meeting with it every other week. 11147140_356272021236533_7963129050423529115_n

Cheesy beezy is a harsh one though plus chocolate resists me, i wonder where i went wrong that nuts despise me too..like really what did i do to you dude?? love you anyways, there is a stubborn kid on the other side so that you know it, i am not gonna go anywhere so you’re stuck with me =D


Its been fun with so much taste in my life.


I am really thankful to Allah Almighty for all the mouth watering and delicious food that came into my life and added joys in my everyday boring routine, for which these are worth taking the pain for, the calories i meant =P

We learn, we grow, time amazes me..

We learn, we grow, time amazes me..


Everyday we are a different person..we learn from the people around us, we learn from the things we see, from the things we do, the change in our mindset which almost happens every other day. And all these encounters and interactions that we have with the world actually signifies who we actually are.Happy_woman Two years ago i thought i have grown up, learned and achieved so much that this is the limit, the end..as in the flower of my life has fully grown; but then i was wrong, again. We never actually can stop learning and evolving.The passion we have, the things we like, the interests we develop overtime… Read the rest of this entry

Sparkle your life…a promise to must keep!!

Sparkle your life…a promise to must keep!!

A promise that every living being should make to him/herself that this beautiful piece of life will be valued and lived to the fullest. Allah has given us this life and we owe Him to do what pleases Him. Believe it or not spirituality brings us peace and keeps us alive like “Literally”. So stay honest to your lord. Allah never turns His back on us when we pursue Him. He is the Best of Givers, the Greatest of all. And our lives are one of the biggest blessings that He endowed upon us. Why not protect this gift and try out experiencing things that adds to this life.everyday-chance-change-life-change-your-life-Favim.com-764182

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” – Oscar Wilde

Every new thing that teaches us something extraordinary must be given a try, for these not only teach us the potential we have but also the opportunities that we could avail. Helps us to know who we really are and what we really want. And doing something every now and then out of our daily routines weaves a series of refreshment in ourselves and revitalizes our hearts and souls.

I just found this video that translates some of the life experiences that i want to experince in my bucket list. Its refreshing to move beyond your comfort zone and try something new. And i have made a promise to myself that every time i got the chance to do something exciting, stupid and lively, i will go for it, i will never miss it.. this is a promise that i intend to keep until my last breath. No more bummers. Its time to say yes to life :)

Here’s the video, hope you enjoy it like i did :)

27 Things To Do Before You Settle Down

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!!



“Turn your wounds into wisdom” – Oprah Winfrey

Lately i noticed i have been missing out a lot, its like i have been living up somebody else’s life. With every passing day a part of me was dying inside, may be it was my fault to the most, i disregarded myself..never realizing that i was special too. Not everything in life necessarily needs to be compromised. Some things could work out without it. Yes we do need to be flexible, but we never should give up on our selves entirely. I made a mistake. But despite the fact, it still taught me so much.


They say that we only learn to value our lives when we loose everything. They are absolutely right !!!

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His absence stings everyday


tumblr_labzrnHWa31qcuzf8o1_500I saw the pain when i was a kid watching it, even if i was little i felt the whole thing. It was so emotional.  I even cried at this scene often. But now its different.. i actually feel the pain. The numbness of loss. All the dark memories comes back in a flesh of a second to me. It hurts not to be able to do anything. Whats this life gonna be without you now..its scary, its like i will have everything and nothing all at the same time. A sudden wave of emotions rush through me when i think about the future that i have had designed in my mind with everything to be perfect, but nothing will be perfect when you are not around.  I lost my king. The little girl lost her king. Dady your absence stings everyday!